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Wherever you decide to put a mirror, it always gives that beautiful reflection and leaves your room looking beautiful and high. Mirrors can be placed in the hallway, sitting room, bedroom and also in the bathrooms.

Wall Mirrors

They bring bright lighting and increases depth in our homes as well. Mirrors are like beautiful windows which you can easily move around whenever you feel like changing their positioning.

Mirrors bring about an emphasis on views around the home and also create stunning effects on the walls. Mirrors also make the room look elegant and beautiful as well.

Tips for decorating with wall mirrors:


  • As A Centerpiece

You can place a large full-length mirror on your dining table. The best mirror to use is the same as the ones used on the closet door. Then align some flower vases on top of the mirror on the dining table. This makes the table looks very attractive whereby it gives a good reflection of the flowers and the dishes placed on the table.


  • Enlarge A Room

Mirrors can magnify a room and make it look large. Put a rectangular mirror on the floor in the living room, and you will be shocked how the room will look large and pretty as well. The mirror enables the hidden parts in the room expand, and the place looks even classier when a large mirror is positioned in the room.


  • Create A Group Reflection

This works whereby you place different shapes and sizes of mirrors and pin them on the wall. You can also use different sizes and shapes of frames as well. By doing this, the wall is left looking artistic and gorgeous as well. The best way to attain a more classy and unique look is by putting the mirrors randomly on the wall.


  • Make An Area Glow

You can place a mirror in a vase of a flower whereby it gives the beautiful reflection of the flower. You can also position the mirror behind some burning candles so as to give that beautiful flickering light from them.

The other thing you can decorate a mirror with is placing it on the fireplace, and you will love the beautiful flames that will reflect in the mirror.


  • Reflecting The Outdoors

Mirrors can be used to view the outside whereby when a mirror is placed on the wall facing the window you will be able to view what is going on outside by just looking through the mirror. The mirror makes the outside look bigger and if it is bright outside the view inside looks more brilliant and beautiful as well.


  • Lay It With An Empty Picture Frame

You can opt to use a mirror and an empty picture frame to decorate your room. This works by placing a mirror against the picture frame then put some centerpieces such a sea shells as they would be reflected in the mirror making it look gorgeous.


  • On Kitchen Cabinets

Make your kitchen cabinets with mirrored door as they magnify the kitchen making it look bigger and beautiful as well.