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Surprisingly, the allure with vanity mirrors didn’t start with the Hollywood of old. The mirrors made their first appearance at the end of the seventeenth century. It was used in donning beloved pieces of jewelry and while applying blush (popularly known as Rouge).

Throughout its history, the mirror has been known as vanity and it comprised of a dressing table as well as the Poudreuse. The word Poudreuse is the French equal of “Powder.”

Vanity mirrors have been used in bathrooms since when they were initiated in history. Some users prefer them as extensions, other as separate sections, while others lowered off the bathroom countertop with a separate mirror.

It is otherwise important to note that some designers are considering the use of furniture pieces when making the mirrors so as to keep their more traditional look.


woman applying makeup in front of lighted vanity mirror


Today, vanity mirrors are seen in bedrooms, workplaces washrooms, and change rooms. Some are kept in proximity with other accessories. Vanity mirrors offer other numerous benefits in addition to the great elegance that they add in those spaces.

Just like you, you can make your dressing table more beautiful and practical! The present vanity mirrors are equipped with counter surfaces, comfortable chairs, adjustable mirrors, and drawers. The extra accessories give them a more gorgeous and rich look. They are also easy to clean off spills and stains.


Vanity Mirrors with Lights

You need the correct amount of lighting when making up your face. Proper lighting ensures that you make up your face in the most effective way and thus not ending up looking like a joke. It is, therefore, ideal to use a vanity table that comes handy with a lightened mirror.

Whether you are applying your makeup in your bedroom or bathroom, vanity mirror is your best solution. You will apply your make in the right areas on your face and on the right amount.


Final Thoughts

Apart from the fact that vanity mirrors with light will help you stay beautiful and gorgeous, these mirrors are also customizable. You can customize them in the exact way that you want then to be, such as retro, vintage, modern, shabby-chic, and antique.

By getting the right vanity, mirror, and chair, you can offset or complement the décor of your bedroom or bathroom by creating the look that you desire.

Be whomever you aspire to be. Be wild. Be glamorous. Be ingenious. Or, maybe be the sensible one. Let your enduring style and imagination be your only limits!

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