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A simple technique to give your home a new wow factor is the addition of custom mirrors. You can easily enhance the impression your house makes on family and visitors by installing the appropriate glass décor, resulting in a living environment that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Mirrors Sydney is your experienced provider of custom glass solutions that reflect your personal style and taste. Our knowledgeable glass specialists stand ready to turn your every mirror or glass fashion idea into reality.

Mirrors have many uses in decorating your home. Strategic placement of reflecting glass will create an illusion of inviting openness and expansiveness in otherwise cramped spaces. Entire areas can be transformed into beautiful invitations through the mere application of reflective surfaces to pick up natural light from the windows.


custom made bathroom mirror


Accenting walls and ceilings, pure sunshine will emphasize previously unnoticed features of your home. The design services of Mirrors Sydney are available with an in-home consultation to help you identify the ideal locations for new reflections. Whether you choose tiled or framed mirrors, the beautiful structural lines of your home will be highlighted in new and exciting ways.


Interesting ways to accomplish a new look with mirrors include:


Wall Mirrors

A mirrored wall that will help small areas like hallways project an impression of extended length.


Mirrored Backsplash

A mirrored backsplash designed to add depth to a smaller kitchen.


Statement Mirrors

A statement mirror created for a specific space and placed in a prominent spot, like over a fireplace or above a headboard.

Besides these stand-alone applications, mirrors can be effectively used to emphasize the art and the décor in your home. Custom-cut mirrors offer a wide choice of edges, tints, finishes and frames to subtly highlight the look of your house. Some of the decorative mirrors include:


Mirrored Shelf

A mirrored shelf that can enhance the beauty of your objects d’art, demanding a second look for sculptures, antiques or other collectible items.


Hanging Mirrors

A hanging mirror, when strategically positioned, will send natural light to art pieces you want to display more effectively.


Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror is the perfect tool to add a point of interest when placed with framed art or pictures.

Both natural and artificial light can be increased in almost every part of your house through the strategic placement of hanging mirrors or tables topped with glass. Even those areas that have no windows will benefit from the added illumination of these additions. Think about trying some of the following spots for mirrors:


Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors in the bedrooms will reflect both the artificial light of bedroom lamps and the natural daylight coming through the windows. You can change the entire feel of the room with just a mirror or two.

Mirrors mounted on the wall pick up and magnify the light from table lamps, wall sconces, and other sources, giving a warm and sunny glow to the darkest of rooms.


Big Mirrors

Big mirrors make a big impression. Full-length versions are not only beautiful but are also useful in checking out your entire appearance as you prepare for the day. These big mirrors can be either framed or hung from floor to ceiling.

In either case, Mirrors Sydney will create a custom mirror designed and finished to highlight your home’s décor. Simply make a call to Mirrors Sydney or complete an on-line service request. Our experienced team will be at your door for a complimentary consultation, during which they will take measurements and provide expert advice to help you all along the way to making more of your home with mirrors.