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Mirrors Sydney – Buying Guide


standing mirrors by Mirrors Sydney

Mirrors are very useful either in decorating or even using them in our homes. The mirrors offer a variety of styling accents and enhance the beauty in any room of the house. The mirror can beautify a plain wall whereby it creates a great focal point and even creates a wall gallery that is artistic.

When it comes to buying a mirror, it is also important to take into account some things so you can purchase the right mirror for the right place and the right purpose as well.

There are so many options of decorative mirrors to choose from, and therefore it is always advisable to follow certain guides when buying mirrors so you can be able to purchase the right mirror for your home. We have a range of mirrors available including wall mirrors, vanity mirrors and custom made mirrors.

The following guides can be applied when buying a mirror:



This is the first thing you should consider when buying your mirror. Mirrors can be placed in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or even the entryway. Also, you would want to know how the mirror is usually put on these areas in your house.

Different mirrors have different purposes, and therefore it is important to have the idea of where you want to place the mirror. This is because some rooms require small mirrors and others have to have large mirrors so as to beautify the area and serve the purpose.

Also, there are certain designs of mirrors that can only be used in certain areas of the house and therefore it is always advisable to know the location the mirror is being placed before you make you purchase.


The Purpose Of A Mirror

Another Thing you should consider when buying a mirror is about its purpose. Some mirrors are made to give full reflection, e.g., the ones placed in the bedroom, other mirrors are designed in a way that when placed in an area it gives a great illusion of depth and space.

The mirrors used in the bathroom are designed such that it reflects enough light and you can be able to see yourself when shaving, brushing and even applying makeup.

Also, other mirrors like the ones put in the hallway are designed to beautify the entrance so always ensure you know the purpose of the mirror you want to purchase.


Shapes and Sizes

When buying a mirror, the shape and the size are also crucial. It is always important to understand the shapes and sizes of different mirrors offered in the market.


Arch Top Mirrors

This type of mirrors is very classy whereby the curved arch top of the mirrors makes the wall have an effortless art decor look and feel. This kind of mirror works even perfect when paired with thin border frames on the wall.


Crown Top

The mirror can either have gold or silver finish, and it ultimately adds beauty and elegance to the wall. This type of mirror looks simple and can be used to decorate any traditional area in the house.



The mirrors have a shape of the sun, and it is dazzling. It is known to give that sunburst feeling and can give any room a bright and warm lighting. The mirror comes in different sizes and finishing and is most suitable for bedrooms and the table.


Round Mirrors

The mirror is mainly used in the sitting areas whereby it creates a great view. The mirrors can be clustered together where they give a room a beautiful look. A large design of the mirror can be used as a floor mirror.